Maslow on Dominance in Women

J. Howard Miller’s Rosie the Riveter represented the American women who worked in factories during WWII.

2 of Maslow’s later papers (1939-1942) were dedicated mainly to the study of dominance in women. Given that the last of these papers was written just one year before the publication of his Theory Of Needs, and that it incorporates some of the concepts used in the theory such as “self-esteem”, it can be assumed that these papers” form the gendered foundation of the needs hierarchy”(Gotell, 2002).

The major criticism to these papers is his attempt to “reconstitute normative heterosexuality, erase the challenge of lesbianism and to eroticize and sexualize male dominance” (Gotell, 2002). Not happy with doing just that, he decided to choose American college women as his research subjects, which represented “a very thinly veiled attempt to tame the renegade figure of the New Woman” (Gotell, 2002).


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