About this project and its author

This is a gender critique on Maslow by someone bored with doing course projects the traditional usual way. Someone constantly looking for inspiration. Someone who likes challenges and being challenged. A feminist, a writer, a mother, a friend, an employee, a gamer, a hiker. So many passions and adjectives to define a human being beyond their biological identity. This is why I am here writing about women, about gender issues, about Maslow and his views on the “underdogs, the weak, the exploited, the female (Lowry, RJ 1979, The Journals of A.H. Maslow, vol I, page 33) “the woman whose validation is her man and the men.” (Ibid., page 68) Maslow who built a hierarchy of needs and motivations for mankind in 1943 to later wonder why US women were “so dominant, castrating, discontent, lousy wives….and why men were so meek, sheepish, dominated” (Ibid., page 77)


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